Before Synchronology was publicly released.. we thoroughly tested the products with a specific group of people, that were targeted for their various skin ailments.
While the world of skincare can be a scary place, we like to take a simple, uncomplicated approach to targeting your skin care concerns. That's why we tested our products on real people with real skin problems, which, in turn, produced real amazing results.
We tested, tweaked, and perfected our product formulations based on feedback from people just like you!  Their reactions.. unedited, unpressured, & all different, has not only proven the power behind our product, but has revealed normal skin care concerns that everyone faces: acne, aging, fine lines, rosacea, dryness, sun damage, and much more. We believe their results, improving their personal skincare challenges, can help you decide whether Synchronology could be the right holistic, organic skincare line for you.