keeping your skin healthy & beautiful during these summer months in the sun!

Having a little color always makes me feel like its summer again.  However, when is it too much?  Since the 70's we have found out how the sun can actually be quite detrimental to us inside & out!

 I'm a strong believer in moderation!  We learned that burning our skin, & non stop tanning can add to skin cancer & pre-mature aging!  So what is too much sun, well its based on yes, your skin type & how much are you protecting your skin?Both are important .. My theory is hats will give you an added protection,(stylish look) especially for those special beach days & protection from the harmful UV rays.  A good sunscreen is an important investment!  I'm actually olive skin, so will use only at the beach over my.. SYNCHRONOLOGY SKINCARE!

SYNCHRONOLOGY HOLISTIC SKINCARE, will & can protect you from the harmful UV'S but in small doses.  That is why for the beach goers, golfers, fun day in the amusement park a lit more sunscreen can only help..  Also, once you're out of the sun you were exposed to, apply Synchronology's moisturizer all over your face & chest if exposed.  Later on when you cleanse before bed, or after the shower, is when you will experience the full benefits of SERUM, EYE-GEL, FACIAL OIL & MOISTURIZER.. IT WILL TOALLY REFRESH YOU FROM CLEANSER TO MOISTURIZER..A FEW DAYS LATER DON'T FORGET TO EXFOLIATE TO RENEW & CONTINUE YOUR HEALTHY GLOW!!!




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  • Ross on

    Totally agree 4 day on the beach at LBI, no sun screen! Put moisturizer on twice a day skin is great no pealing.great stuff

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